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We PROVIDE Personalized CARE WITH PHYSIOTHERAPY and the highest quality physical therapy on an individual basis.

Dundas Physio & Rehab has one-on-one care that helps you focus on feeling better and healing faster. We even offer late evenings and weekend appointments.
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'Dundas’ Award Winning Physiotherapy Clinic” and voted as the "Best Physiotherapist by Hamilton & Dundas

We accept all types of patients

  • Extended Health Benefits
  • Workplace Safety Injury Boards (WSIB)
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Private with no Insurance coverage


We feel that the most important components of therapy are looking at your "injury" from a holistic point of view, providing you with our extensive experience, diagnostic skills, education and our hands.

  • Manual Therapy
    Manual Therapy

    If you are experiencing increased pain and stiffening in any of your joints and muscles, manual therapy is often helpful. Patients seek out this type of physical therapy for a variety of mobility issues.

  • Acupuncture

    Muscle tightness is something of a vicious cycle; causing pain on its own, and causing referred pain to other parts of the body. Many find acupuncture helpful for both decreasing pain and relaxing the body overall.

  • Sports Injury Management
    Sports Injury Management

    Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a serious athlete, sports injuries are a fact of life. Physical therapy is often a critical part of the healing process.


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Back Pain & Sciatica Workshop

Dec 12
7:00 PM
#201-133 King Street W
Dundas, ON, L9H1V3

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